Guan Xi

A short social documentary made in Fall 2016- Spring 2017

This work is mainly about the situation people how to treat their superiors nowadays.
The main character Hong is struggling about her chance to get promotion. Because everybody ask her to send gift or money to build 'guanxi'(connection) with the upper-level. This kind of connection which eventually caused corruption. It seems, not just in China, the corruption, bribery atmosphere just everywhere in the world.


"Up Series" Director Michael Apted Supervised

This film explores traditional Chinese medicine in the United States through the lens of an American alternative medicine practitioner. Ruth McCarty provides life-changing care for children facing difficult diagnoses, as she struggles to find a place for her practice within the world of Western medicine.

Meet The Team

Dora Wu

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Director, Writer, Cinematographer

Olivia Gray

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Emma Wang

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Emma Wang

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LANGUAGE                                 ENGLISH & CHINESE

FILMING LOCATION                  Orange CA, USA; China

PICTURE FORMAT                     Color

ASPECT RATIO                           1.78 (16x9 VIDEO)

SHOOTING FORMAT                 HDV

EXHIBITION FORMAT                DVD, .MOV (Quicktime)

SCREENER FORMAT                 Secure Online Screener, DVD

T: +1 (949)-463-5541
Orange, CA, USA, 92868

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