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Care & Cure

"Up Series" Director Michael Apted Supervised

This film explores traditional Chinese medicine in the United States through the lens of an American alternative medicine practitioner. Ruth McCarty provides life-changing care for children facing difficult diagnoses, as she struggles to find a place for her practice within the world of Western medicine.

Care & Cure: Video
Care & Cure: Video

Director's Statement

This subject attracted Dora, the director, because she was raised in China and have used Chinese Medicine in her whole life. Her mother learned to use Chinese Medicine by self-study, and every time her family members got sick, she would always check the ancient books about Chinese medicines and help them recover quickly by giving them effective Chinese medicines, which cost much less in comparison with western medicines. She knew well the magic of Chinese Medicine. After coming to the United States, she has noticed that a growing number of Americans have started to trust Chinese medicine has been used as a supplement to western medicine, which has surprised her immensely. However, a lot of her friends remain unaware of the power of TCM. If TCM can be known by more people, it would possibly bring into reality the following benefits for the human beings: for one thing, people suffering from chronic or incurable diseases might be relieved from their pain and even get cured; for the other, TCM itself may reach another level of development with the mergence of Chinese and Western doctors. 
With joint efforts of the experienced producer Olivia, this documentary not only be an opinion from the Chinese perspective, but a work inclusive of both Chinese and American ideas. In this way, we can attract more audiences from different countries. 
Our editors, Emma and Peng, they are both narrative film editors, and they can make a documentary more powerful and dramatic.

Care & Cure: Text
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