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Global Perspectives On China

For the 40th anniversary of Chinese Economic Reform

This is a huge international co-production documentary series that involves a collaboration between the branches of CCTV in the U.S.A., Japan, Africa, and Hong Kong.
The relationship between the States and China changes a lot during these 40 years. A lot of exchanges took place between the two countries in the aspects of economics, politics, culture, and technology. Global Perspectives on China interviewed with those people who have engaged in and witnessed the whole process and to learn about their opinions on the rapid growth and development of China after China opened its door to the world. Our interviewees consist of notable people from industries of finance, art, politics, and education, as well as very ordinary people. This documentary includes all sorts of perspectives as varied as possible, both Western and the Chinese point of view with the critical angle to address some of the issues and challenges our interviewees faced, and also an ordinary angle to address intimate issues and personal stories prior to the development of the current US-China relationship.

TV Program - Global Perspectives on China: Video
TV Program - Global Perspectives on China: Video
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