Gone Exhibiton

2017 Iphone Film Festival/Mozimotion Finalist

An unusual Art Space exhibited in campus of Renmin University, which banned by school authorities. My boyfriend and I recorded the overall process and interviewed students and people in society. The film discussed where should art belong to? What factors that limit an art space in Campus?

Meet The Team

Dora Wu

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Director, Writer, Editor

Jeff  Lee

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LANGUAGE                                 ENGLISH & CHINESE

FILMING LOCATION                  Beijing, China

PICTURE FORMAT                     Color

ASPECT RATIO                           1.78 (16x9 VIDEO)

SHOOTING FORMAT                 HDV

EXHIBITION FORMAT                DVD, .MOV (Quicktime)

SCREENER FORMAT                 Secure Online Screener, DVD

T: +1 (949)-463-5541
Orange, CA, USA, 92868

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