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Some Nerve

45th Student Academy Awards - Domestic Documentary Semi-finalist

People living with multiple sclerosis typically experience symptoms of fatigue, weakness, emotional changes and most often loss of movement and motion. 21-year-old Heather Craig has spent her life battling multiple sclerosis. This film tells Heather’s story, examining the impact of the disease on Heather’s life and her family, and telling a story of triumph over adversity, in the face of difficult odds.

Some Nerve: Video
Some Nerve: Video

Director's Statement

Prior to the film, two of our crew already had a connection to MS, with family members who have the disease. Researching more about the disease and learning the statistics of not only those diagnosed with MS, but the rarity of pediatric MS, we wanted to highlight the and increase general knowledge of the matter. With the help of the MS Society, we found heather, a pediatric MS patient, whose attitude, mindset and love of life and nature drives her. Developing an instant connection with Heather, being close to the same age and having similar interests, she immediately opened us up to her life and story, so inspiring us on a personal level, that her narrative had to be shared.

Some Nerve: Text
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